Bath Planet

Bath Planet: Much More than Tubs

Bath Planet is renowned in the US and Canada for having superior yet budget friendly bathtubs, showers, and wall liners. Today the company explains its other offerings, demonstrating that homeowners are only limited by their imaginations.

Q: Does Bath Planet let me choose my own bath and shower fixtures?

Bath Planet: Yes! We are not an “out of the box” solution. Our custom bathroom remodels allow you, the homeowner, to pick your accents. From hand-held shower wands to brushed nickel faucets, your bathroom is designed as a reflection of your wants and needs. We even offer safety accessories like grab bars and seats.

Q: What about in-bath storage?

Bath Planet: Our bathroom caddies are the perfect way to hold all of your bath and beauty products close at hand. Bath and shower caddies come in a range of sizes (one to four shelves) to keep your family’s soaps and shampoos within reach but out of the way. Traditional soap dishes and tower caddies are also available.

Q: How does a shaving stand make my shower experience easier?

Bath Planet: A shaving stand is an area designed especially for shaving legs. It is high enough to help you reach all the way to your ankles without struggling for a foot hold. Shaving stands are designed with your safety in mind.

Q: I need a little something more…maybe an outside-the-shower accessory…

Bath Planet: We’ve got you covered here, too. Our ring towel holders are the perfect way to add an accent of color to your walls while making sure your towels are handy. Choose from a broad palette of finishes to match your fixtures.

Q: Can I see the products before I commit?

Bath Planet: Yes, of course. And, you can take advantage of our free Design Studio to get an idea of how your beautiful new bathroom will look when complete, accessories and all!