Bath Planet

Bath Planet Helps Homeowners Reclaim “Wow” in Bathrooms

If your bathroom hasn’t been updated in awhile, Bath Planet can help – for a lesser investment than you might think. Here, the Illinois-based bathroom remodeling company answers a few common questions about wall surrounds – one of many innovative products that can help reclaim your space in as little as a day.

Q: How do I know which bathroom products are right for me?

Bath Planet: We provide private, in-home consultations with one of our trained design experts. After a thorough evaluation, you’ll be presented with recommendations for your custom bathroom remodel. Often, a bathroom does not need a complete overhaul. Instead, a new bathtub or shower and one of our stylish matching wall surrounds is all it takes to turn a dated room into a shining showplace fit for your finest guests, however last-minute they may be.

Q: What is a wall surround?

Bath Planet: A wall surround is a solid sheet of high-quality, ABS acrylic which fits in your existing bathtub opening. We offer a number of colors, textures, and designs to suit your personal style. We can work around plumbing fixtures, as well as windows, for a truly unique bathroom.

Q: What are the benefits of a wall surround?

Bath Planet: Our wall surrounds are grout free, which means cleaning with harsh chemicals is not necessary. For clean up, simply use a sponge with warm water and vinegar.

We guarantee a watertight fit and our material is nonporous which is mold- and mildew-resistant. Bath Planet wall surrounds are virtually maintenance free and they are an affordable, yet stylish alternative to a tile wall.

Q: How do I know my bathroom will be installed correctly?

Bath Planet: Unlike DIY bath surrounds, our products don’t come with instructions – they come with skilled contractors who perform the installation work on-site for you. Our specially-trained install technicians are frequently updated on product knowledge. We hire only the best and offer a limited lifetime warranty with each bathroom installation. On top of that, we carry the added protection of the prestigious Good Housekeeping seal warranty, for your peace of mind.