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Bath Planet Explains Bathroom Remodeling Returns

No matter how affordable it is, the decision to remodel a bathroom is an investment in your home. One of the first questions customers ask Bath Planet is whether or not this type of investment will help them make more money on their home. There is no simple answer to this, however, because it depends on a number of factors. These include the state of the real estate market, design trends, and even the individual tastes of potential buyers.

To put it in perspective – you spend $10,000 remodeling a bathroom. It is a seller’s market and your home is worth 20% more than it was just two years ago. Inventory is low and buyers are fighting over what few houses are available. Your remodeled bathroom may very well net you your money back, or more, says Bath Planet.

Another scenario: You spend $10,000 remodeling your bathroom. It is a buyer’s market and your home is worth 20% less than it was just two years ago. The inventory is high and homes are sitting on the market for six months or more. Your bathroom remodel will likely not carry as much weight.

The real value: You spend $10,000 (or less, if you call Bath Planet) remodeling your bathroom. You don’t care what the real estate market looks like because you want to stay in your home. You have always disliked your bathroom and were ashamed when guests visited. In this scenario, Bath Planet comes in and removes your old, cracked, faded, and dated bathtub and replaces it with a custom bath system in your choice of color, style, and pattern. You now have a bathroom that you are proud of and enjoy spending three nights every week soaking in the tub, catching up on your literature, and melting stress away.

In the last scenario, you have designed your very own Bath Planet bathroom for your enjoyment. You cannot put a price on the time you will enjoy focusing on your health and well-being. In this case, you’ve gotten more than your money back. You have given yourself a priceless gift that can be enjoyed for many years to come by your entire family.